The best smart lock 2022: Business and home use

No longer do you have to worry about who has the keys to your home or business. With the best smart locks for business and home use, you can go digital for better accessibility and even greater convenience. A smart door lock can work alone or integrate with your smart home security system to ensure that the keys to your castle are always in the right hands. 

However, with so many to choose from, today’s market can be more than a little challenging to navigate. That is why we have put our proprietary methodology and analysis to the test, weighing each option to find the absolute best smart locks for your home and business use in 2022.

Best all-inclusive



At a Glance

August’s Wi-Fi Smart Lock Voice has remote access that gives you all sorts of additional benefits like remote locking and unlocking capabilities. You can check to see if the doors in your homes are locked without checking the physical locks, and you can also check the traffic at your door. There is the added ability to offer your guests access via virtual guest keys, so you do not have to worry about losing physical access to your keys. 

August’s Wi-Fi Smart Lock integrates with voice assistant programs like Google. There is just a simple installation required with no additional hardware required. Your new lock merely attaches to your existing deadbolt, which means that you do not even have to change your house keys. You can also access your August lock via the August mobile app or even your Apple Watch.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi for remote capabilities



The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock costs $229.99. You can also purchase other products that will integrate with your Wi-Fi Smart Lock. These products provide more well-rounded security solutions for your home, such as the Connect Wi-Fi Bridge and Smart Keypad with matching hardware for better aesthetics. 

There are also smart door bundles, with August offering current discounts when you bundle multiple products.

Best for fingerprint scanning



At a Glance

Kwikset sells two types of Halo Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Door Lock, the Contemporary or the Traditional model, both of which are available in multiple finishes. With the Halo Smart Door Lock, you have the ability to lock and unlock your door using your custom fingerprint. This lock is also perfect for high-traffic areas, allowing you to store up to 100 different fingerprints for up to 50 users. It has an easy one-touch locking feature that utilizes a motorized deadbolt with a special tamper-resistant design. This smart lock is compatible with your smart home, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and it connects to your home’s Wi-Fi, so no additional hub is needed. You can even set custom schedules to ensure that the doors are locked or unlocked after you. 

Kwikset incorporates Advanced SmartKey Security to safeguard against hackers. The Kwikset App can help provide added control when you download the app on your mobile devices from the App Store or Google Play.


  • Dual key and fingerprint

  • Tamper-resistant design

  • Added security features



The Halo Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Door Lock is available for sale via three major retailers: Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. The Amazon price depends on the finish you choose, but most are around $235

Best video doorbell



At a Glance

The Lockly Vision doorbell goes one step further to incorporate built-in HD video with your doorbell. It features an advanced 3D fingerprint reader with a touchscreen and built-in PIN Genie for smooth and easy remote locking capabilities. There is two-way audio to complement the live view provided by the built-in camera, and you can also access your door at any time in real-time. 

An added unique feature is dual storage, which is provided via the internal SD video and cloud storage options. To help manage your recordings, you can use the mobile app on either your iOS or Android device to access data. Your doorbell stores up to 99 different fingerprints, and there is also the option for offline access codes and e-keys for temporary use. To help keep your property secure, Lockly adds a tamper notification if your lock falls into the wrong hands.


  • Live HD video

  • Built-in storage

  • Wi-Fi hub included



The Lockly Vision Smart Lock + Video Doorbell costs $399.99, but you can receive $20 off when signing up for the Lockly mailing list online. Lockly offers a free 30-day return policy and a two-year warranty for your equipment.

Best smart home integrations



At a Glance

The Schlage Encode features built-in Wi-Fi to give you instant notifications when your lock is accessed with remote locking capabilities and a low battery indicator to tell you when to give your locks a battery boost. There are up to 100 customized access codes for both temporary and permanent users, which is about average with the rest of the industry. You also have your choice of two apps to control your locks, including the Schlage Home app and the Key by Amazon app. Prime members in specific cities can also use the Key by Amazon app to set up and view in-home deliveries using your Amazon Cloud Cam. It also is compatible with systems like Alexa, Ring, and Google Assistant.

Available in multiple finishes and trims, you can pick your favorite Schlage Encode locks to complement your preferred design scheme.


  • Multiple program compatibility

  • Expanded app support   

  • In-home deliveries with Amazon



The Schlage Encode is available for purchase via several retailers. It is offered at several different price points, varying from $221.61 to $295.

Best for full automation



At a Glance

The Wyze Lock latches onto your existing deadbolt for easy one-touch locking. The door automatically unlocks when you approach and locks when you leave, with additional remote locking and unlocking capabilities. For guests, you can create time-based guest codes so you can give the right visitors temporary access. 

The Wyze Lock is also wireless, featuring an LED backlight, and is weatherproof with an IPX5 rating. It integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control, but what is truly notable are the added security features. The Wyze Lock has advanced 128-bit encryption, hardware encryption, and two-factor authentication, plus Zigbee + Bluetooth.




The Wyze Lock is available at multiple price points at several different retailers.

Best for multiple users



At a Glance

The Yale Assure Lock SL is a completely keyless system that uses your choice of four to eight digits for your keypad code. It also accommodates the most user codes up to 250 possible codes for up to 25 users with the optional Yale Smart module. It has easy installation and is even easier to use. Functionality is simple: you can lock the door with a single tap, and there is an option for an Auto Relock feature, so the door automatically locks behind you. It utilizes a BHMA Grade 2-certified deadbolt and has a helpful blacklight on the touchscreen keypad. There is also a built-in backup charger for extra peace of mind, so your lock never goes down and you never lose access.

The Yale Assure Lock SL features a one-year electronics warranty with an unlimited lifetime warranty on the finish of your smart locks, as well as mechanical parts. When you upgrade to the Yale Network Module, you also gain Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee and iM1 capability for HomeKit.


  • Slim design

  • Convenient touchscreen

  • Backup charger



The Yale Assure Lock SL is $169.99 for the standalone product. For greater protection, you can purchase an extended warranty via Extend that offers one-year protection for $17.99, $30.99 for two years, and $44.99 for three years. 

You also have the option to add installation for your smart home via its installation partner, OnTech Smart Services. Professional installation costs $99.99, and you can also purchase an OnTech membership for $199.99 per year.  

How did we choose these products?

To find the best smart locks for your home and business, there are a few factors to consider that will help you decide:

  • Type of installation: The ease of installation largely depends on the type of installation required. Most smart locks require either a full or partial installation, where you either replace the entire lock or affix a new lock onto an existing deadbolt.

  • The number of users: If you plan on having a lot of traffic out of your home or business, such as Airbnb property, you are likely to appreciate a smart lock that has multiple user capabilities. Be sure to consider how many codes you can use.  

  • Integrations: If you already have a smart home, it is important to ensure that your smart lock for your home or business integrates with existing technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit.

  • Price: The cost of your smart lock for your home or business is another important factor. Consider your budget and which smart lock offers the best bang for your buck based on your specific needs.

Which is the right one for you?


What is a smart lock?

A smart lock for your home or business incorporates Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capabilities to work independently as needed or as a part of your bigger smart home security system.

Why is a smart lock important for my home?

A smart door lock can be an invaluable tool for your home and business, providing improved security, greater intelligence, and better automation. From automatically locking the doors to remote locking capabilities, there are many great features to benefit your home and business in 2021.

What if I have frequent traffic to my home and business?

Smart locks are uniquely built to accommodate heavy traffic in and out of your home and business. With remote and automatic locking capabilities, many models allow you to create and assign custom guest key codes for access, no matter where you are home or not. 

Consider how many people may need access to your property to find the best smart lock for your home and business use.  

Are there alternatives worth considering?

Many smart locks available didn’t make it onto our list for the best smart locks for your home and business in 2021. Other smart locks worthy of consideration include these models:

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