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A group of Michigan residents got a head start to their New Year’s Resolutions on Saturday by rucking 20.22 miles.

“Rucking” is like a walk or a march with weights.

weight loss

Local ruck club Hyland’s Hopeless and the Bay City Chapter of Team Red White and Blue have been doing it for the past four years.

“It’s all scalable. That’s the best part is, some people out here don’t get out every day, don’t have the opportunity to work out every day, so we can scale it to what their needs are, and hopefully add a little bit of enrichment to their lives,” said Dave Wallace, a bay city resident.

Some of the group started at 7 a.m. When TV5 met them around 10 a.m., they were ten miles in.

Wallace is a member of Bay City’s Team Red White and Blue, a national organization that supports veterans and law enforcement with physical and social activities.

“It’s great for Bay City. It’s something in the tri-cities that can be free, can help the community out, and get people moving. Especially the last two years has taken a big hit with obviously some of the social distancing and what not, so being able to get back and get people together talking has been great,” Wallace said.

Though Wallace is doing all 20.22 miles, anyone is welcome to join in and do as much as they want.

The route consisted mostly of the Bay City loop of the rail trail, and they walked around to some of the other sights in the city.

“It’s awesome. You know we’ve got people from outside of bay city, family, friends. So, to get everybody together and you know, especially it’s cold,” Wallace said.

Next year — you guessed — 20.23 miles.


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