Man who stole Frito Lay truck offered to ‘rap’ in return for a new vehicle at neighboring business ::


— The manager of a Carlie C’s grocery store said a man stole a Frito Lay truck and sped away, leading law enforcement officers on a chase lasting almost 100 miles.

According to the manager, the truck was stolen from the parking lot of the Dunn store on East Cumberland Street around 7:30 a.m. on Friday.

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Arrik Schmidt, who officials say stole the truck, led state troopers on a chase through Johnston County. However, apparently the Lays Truck wasn’t his first choice for a ride.

According to Stephen Jackson, who manages the Elite Auto business next door, Schmidt had offered to purchase a Navigator – for a song.

“He asked if he could rap good enough would I give him the Navigator,” said Jackson.

That didn’t seal the deal, so Jackson says the guy came back again last night.

“He said, ‘Well let me make some moves tonight, and I’ll be back tomorrow and see what we can do,'” said Jackson. “That’s kind of where we left off.”

Tire marks in the grass show where the truck ran off the road after troopers used stop sticks

The next morning, officials say Schmidt, who does not have a permanent address according to arrest documents, stole the Lays Truck right next door.

A deputy chased him three counties north, where police put down stop sticks on the interstate to puncture the truck’s tires.

A wrecker towed away the snack truck after it crashed.

Schmidt is charged with felony larceny of a motor vehicle here in Dunn. He’s also facing charges in Johnston County in connection with the chase. As of Friday night, he was in Harnett County jail.


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