Linux underpins an enormous number of computer systems, from the cash registers at coffee shops to the systems protecting our data when we tap our cards. Mastering it both helps you better understand tech, and can be a useful tool as you build your career, as other operating systems emulate Linux’s useful features and approaches.

The Mastering Linux Development Bundle shows you how to use Linux, from the basics to advanced uses. And you’ll learn from people who use the system every day.

The Mastering Linux Development Bundle

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Experts like internet advertising pioneer, John Elder, and experienced white-hat hacker, Atul Tiwari, have developed these courses to be self-paced, easy-to-review, and to encourage you to code along and experiment as you learn. Using their work experience, you’ll review practical problems, typical commands, and other aspects of Linux you can’t pick up from the documentation.

For Linux novices, the bundle includes a Linux basics course and a course on mastering the command-line interface (CLI). Knowing your way around the CLI pays dividends, even if you’re only using Linux recreationally.

From there, you’ll learn bash shell scripting. This helps you automate daily chores so you can focus on other work, and it’s a useful tool in any Linux user’s toolbox. Next, you can learn about Secure Shell, or SSH, the key to Linux administrators or DevOps engineers’ work and opening the door to new careers with Linux.

Finally, you can learn how Linux is used in web development, using Virtual Box to develop, test, and run programs, or explore Kali Linux, one of the premier cybersecurity tools. Offering both a beginners’ guide and a detailed look, Kali is an indispensable way to probe networks, find vulnerabilities, and figure out how to seal them off.

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