While a Sam’s Club membership will always save you money, new members can now not only save money on the membership itself but also score some excellent freebies. Instead of the regular membership price of $45 for a year, you can currently buy a Sam’s Club Membership for only $19.99 plus a $10 E-Gift Card, which is a truly amazing bargain since Sam’s Club always has such an enormous amount to offer. But, even better, Sam’s is generously throwing in a free rotisserie chicken and cupcakes, as well.

While Sam’s Club has always been known for its great grocery prices, you will also find a wide range of other products available. Bargains abound in all of the departments, including furniture, electronics, computers, appliances, mattresses, tires, pharmacy, all kinds of baby products, jewelry, clothing, sports, fitness and a whole lot more.

Since it’s a membership warehouse club, Sam’s inventory comprises high-quality items in limited quantities. That’s why it is able to make these products available for members at prices that it’s simply not possible for traditional retail outlets to match. Regardless of whether you prefer to browse in the store, have them delivered, or order to pick up, you can always be assured that you are getting superior value and quality.

And now, on top of all of that, you get free rotisserie chicken and cupcakes, as well. This is how it works. When you make your first purchase with your discounted membership, you’ll get a free Seasoned Rotisserie Chicken which usually costs $4.98, and 8 Gourmet Cupcakes that are normally priced at $7.98. The savings will be deducted automatically when you check out because they are pre-loaded in the new account. Then you just need to follow the instructions in the email you’ll receive after you complete your purchase in order to claim the redemption.

Incredibly, there’s even a complimentary household card included in this bargain. So you will get even more savings on products that are already offered at a low price. You’ll easily save enough to cover affordable training courses that could earn you promotions or even lead to a whole new career, So sign up for a Sam’s Club membership today while it only costs $19.99 and get free chicken and cupcakes, too.

 Prices are subject to change.

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