Abode’s Color Bulbs are a first for the company. 

Image: Abode

Abode’s home security lineup is expanding with the addition of a new smart camera, and the company is entering a new product category with its first smart light bulbs. 

The new 
Wireless Video Doorbell

 is technically the company’s first video doorbell, although you could argue the Abode Outdoor Smart Cam was its first attempt. Joining the Abode Cam 2, the Wireless Video Doorbell is an affordable home security option. It streams 2K video, has an IP65 rating, and is battery powered. It’s equipped with full-color night vision, along with smart alerts that distinguish between packages, pets or people. 

You can use its live-view feature and two-way audio capabilities for free, but if you want to receive alerts for motion or record clips, you’ll need to sign up for either the Abode Standard or Pro subscription. 

Included with the doorbell is a companion chime that you place inside your home to let you know when someone presses the doorbell’s button. Abode claims up to 6 months of battery life for the doorbell, but I have to assume that varies depending on your settings. 

The Wireless Video Doorbell will ship in April 2022 
for $79.99

Abode Wireless Video Doorbell.jpg

The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell and chime. 

Image: Abode

A true first for Abode is the 
Abode Color Bulbs

. The bulbs connect directly to Wi-Fi, giving you full control over the brightness or color via the Abode app. The 9-watt bulbs have 800 lumens of brightness. 

If you want to automate the bulbs, you’ll need to sign up for a paid Abode subscription to enable 
Abode Cue

 — after which you can set schedules and use other products to trigger the bulbs. 

The Abode Color Bulbs are 
available to order right now, shipping in a two-pack for $29.99

As Abode did with the
Cam 2

, the Wireless Video Doorbell and Color Bulbs can be used as standalone devices via the Abode app or as part of an Abode home security system. All of the products integrate with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

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