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Computers make us more productive no matter where we are. But if you’re a systems administrator or even a regular Windows user and you’re not using PowerShell, you’re not getting the most out of your computer. You can learn how to use command lines. scripting, and configuration management to work more efficiently and turn routine tasks into automatic ones.

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The key difference between Windows PowerShell and the shells you find in Linux or elsewhere is that PowerShell can accept and return .NET objects, making it simple to shuttle around entire blocks of code and data. Instructor, Vijay Saini, who leads every course in this bundle, has particular expertise in PowerShell and developed the course around practical code-along projects that can quickly get sysadmins and Windows users up to speed on how it works and start using it to clear away tasks with code.

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The bundle starts with Saini going over the basics for Windows system administrators, showing the tool, offering some simple script-along projects, and getting you acquainted with how it works. Then it shifts into a fuller look at scripting, exploring command line basics and building on previous work.

After a course on advanced scripting, Saini moves into active directory (AD) management and the automation of tasks like validating applications, patching across networks, and upgrading in a timely and effective manner.

The bundle closes with a look at GUI automation using Python, ideal both for advanced system administrators and coders looking to expand beyond PowerShell into other automation tasks. As there are more demands on your time, and more to do, automation is a useful way to stay on top of your required work while making room for improvements. Knowing how to use PowerShell will ensure your system’s security, without requiring long hours.

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